Smartphone cameras are getting better all the time, and in situations with plenty of light and space, they can catch some genuinely stunning images. Sony is out to prove the worth of the tiny optics found in the Xperia ray with the help of five prominent street photographers. The company set them loose on an unsuspecting London with smartphones and no direction.

Street photography might be a distinction without a difference, but shutterbugs James Dodd and and Peter Dench found the Arc’s 28MM-equivalent lens (relatively short by full-sized camera standards) to be perfect for candid shots. Even on a typically overcast London day, the Arc managed bright, clear photos, and with talented users behind them the results are pretty good. The 8.1 megapixel camera shoved into the Xperia ray’s tiny frame certainly had something to do with it.

Check out the photographers’ day on the town below:

For cuter shots (including flowers and a puppy!) and a full run-down of the Xperia ray, check out our thorough review of the phone here. Sony isn’t the only one extolling the virtues of its phone’s camera: T-Mobile created a literal iPhone-bashing commercial to show off the camera prowess of the HTC Amaze 4G. Tablets are getting in on the action as well, as the stunning pre-release photo samples from Asus’ Eee Pad Transformer Prime show.

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