SNK PLAYMORE has been porting all your nostalgia-ridden 90s arcade fighting games to Android for a time now, and we all love them for it. Now you get the chance to download them all for cheap via the Google Play Store as the 20th anniversary of the “King of Fighters” franchise comes around.

Who doesn’t remember King of Fighters? Most Gen X-ers would probably have memories of getting tired of playing Street Fighter and turning to KOF with its fresh new characters for something different. And then there are those really hardcore who only played KOF exclusively. We all grew up, but SNK PLAYMORE has been giving us a chance to re-live those days on the Android format, even if it is just during lunchtimes, in between corporate meetings, or the downtime going to bed.


The selection of KOF games on Android is impressive, actually. The 16-bit classic King of Fighters was the first to make it to the mobile platform, and then KOF ’97 soon followed a year after. Just recently, KOF ’98 also debuted on Android as well. Aside from KOF, SNK PLAYMORE has also brought the classic title of “Metal Slug” to Android.


If you want to go ahead and binge on SNK titles, check their Play Store page here. All paid titles can now be yours for the low, low price of USD$0.99. Good nostalgia hits can be pretty hard to come by. KOF is definitely one of those titles we’ve grown to love over the years.

SOURCE: @SNKPofficial