SNK Playmore is back with another classic title, but this time it’s actually more of a reimagining than a straightfoward port. Metal Slug Defense mutates the popular side-scrolling run and gun shooter game into a side-scrolling tower defense game.

SNK Playmore is responsible for bringing a couple of beloved pixelated games into Android, including a pair of King of Fighters titles as well as almost the entire Metal Slug portfolio. While Metal Slug Defense still does resemble the original game in terms of graphics, sounds, and overall feel, the developer definitely put some significant effort in making this game special and turned it into a tower defense game instead. Don’t worry though, this is not your grandfather’s tower defense game.

While most games of that genre has you in charge of placing obstacles to enemy attacks on a map grid seen from up above, Metal Slug Defense doesn’t. Instead, it uses the same 2D, side-scrolling vantage point of the original games. Instead of placing units, the game is more focused on well timed spawning of soldiers, releasing of grenades, and summoning huge tanks to charge through the enemy lines. Of course, you still get to upgrade your units, just like in other similar games. Compared to other games of this genre, it is more brutal because of the graphic, though absolutely retro, depiction of exploding bodies, but also funnier for the same reason.

Metal Slug Defense is a rather surprising and amusing entry into the tower defense defense line that tries to somewhat break the mold of what it means to be such a game. Luckily, it is free to play and try on Google Play Store but do be warned that it, unsurprisingly, comes with in-app purchases.

Download: Metal Slug Defense on Google Play Store