If you’re in the mood for some old-school arcade-style 2D fighting action, then this latest game in Google Play Store might just be for you. SNK Playmore is bringing yet another title from its venerable King of Fighters franchise with a more retro feel in King of Fighters ’97.

King of Fighters ’97 is basically a team-based game, where you get to pick out your favorites from a roster of 35 playable characters. But aside from the popular ones such as Terry Bogard, Android players also get to access to hidden characters that were available in the NEO GEO console. The game has two modes, Advanced and Extra, that each brings its own special killer moves and features.

More than just a straight console to Android port, King of Fighters ’97 also touts some new features that bring the game a bit forward in time. Players can opt to stick to the original four-button control setup or switch to a six-button configuration that also features a special helper button. Players can also compete with their friends in a multiplayer mode made possible via Bluetooth.

That said, like any other fighting game of its ilk, King of Fighters ’97 is a button mashing game that might feel a bit awkward on touchscreens. If you’re a fan or still convinced that this is the game for you, be prepared to part ways with your $3.99 on Google Play Store.

Download: King of Fighters ’97 on Google Play Store
VIA: DroidGamers