SO we’ve got a whole heap of steaming trouble brewing up with the newest update to the HTC EVO 4G it seems, and it smells like cookies! This update, known by its street name as the HTC Evo Maintenance Release 4.22.651.2, was supposed to fix problems like the random recipient of text messages problem, email attachments not being displayed in the stock mail client problem, and the battery discharge issue – plus, it was supposed to update you to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, of course. What it’s done is, in fact, update you to Android 2.3, but with this update is coming a whole lot more than you may have bargained for.

Users in our forums and comments sections on posts are pouring in their hearts and stomping their feet at the fact that this update has brought with it famine and pestilence along with the lovely new Gingerbread keyboard, amongst other things. A few of the common problems are listed here right alongside some of the oddities – let us know if your problem is on this list or if you’ve got something new to add since you upgraded to the newest version of Android:

UPDATE: There appears to be a fix out for this problem now, an update for which you can get more information in the post linked here. Are all of our problems solved?

From True Vision South, LLC:

I have the HTC -EVO and I think the new gingerbread app sucks. I’m a contractor with DIRECTV and I use an app call DishPointer Pro, but for some reason ever since the upgrade to the gingerbread app the app doesn’t work anymore. I’ve called the developer for the DishPointer Pro app and I even called Sprint. Of course, Sprint would say it’s the developer of DishPointer Pro and DishPointer Pro blamed it on the developer of the app. Truth be told DishPointer Pro made a good point. “No compass app would work on the gigngerbread” and they sent me this link:

You can try any compass app and see for your self. Download Google Sky Map and you will see that the gingerbread app is causing issues with all compass apps, therefore my DishPointer Pro app would no longer work until the developer of Gingerbread puts out a fix; in other words I’m out $20 on an app I’ve purchased thanks to the developer of Gingerbread.

From Redebord:

DO NOT DO THIS UPGRADE. SENSE UI constantly keeps locking up and forcing close. I keep getting a voicemail alert from sprint…which is funny since I use google voice for voicemail. This also breaks elements of tasker app. was informed by Sprint that there is no option to roll back and that I would be forced to reformat and flash my phone to android 2.2. This aspect sucks since those flash images are no longer available on the web. Research shows that this is a common problem for htc EVO on sprint.

From chris:

My speech to text doesn’t work. My native internet app doesn’t work. My neyflix doesn’t work. I’m pissed I thought this was suppose to be a better thing.. Wth?

From Pierre Kerbage:

After the update – holding the POWER button no longer allows you to mute the phone or put it on vibrate. Stinks !

From Sethwestmoreland:

Netflix doesn’t work anymore… not cool

From MP_ATL:

HTC Evo 4G on Sprint. Wireless N missing after Gingerbread update

Again keep on reporting to us or in the forums or over at the Google Mobile Help forum if you’ve got a trackable problem. If you have a problem and it only happens once, probably don’t report it. If you can prove you’ve got a problem and it’s happening all the time as a result of your update to Gingerbread, report in!