HTC and Apple just came to a settlement agreement for patent claims, but Samsung has no intervention of following HTC’s lead. When asked if Samsung would be interesting in pursuing a settlement, Samsung Mobile head J.K. Shin told press that “we have no such intention.” He went on to predict Q4 2012 sales at least as strong as those in Q3, which seems to be saying that Samsung is doing just fine, and has no need to settle.

HTC and Apple’s agreement sees HTC paying Apple somewhere in the region of $6-$8 per mobile phone sold. That put an end to several ongoing suits, but it is certainly painful for HTC to be forced to play Apple a fee for every device sold. Samsung appears to be uninterested in making such a deal with Apple. With Samsung easily topping smartphone sales, it’s easy to see why it would not want anyone else to get a piece of that pie.

Apple’s arguments claim that Samsung is a “copyist” that has borrowed its designs, functionality and other technologies in an effort to shorten the time to develop its own products. Samsung, on the other hand, is countering that Apple has infringed on several of its patents, including those around 3G connectivity in several devices. It seems like every week there is a new suit between the two, and if this statement from Shin is any indication, it does not seem that these are going to end any time soon.

Of course, Samsung has already been slapped with a $1-billion judgment in a high-profile case. As you would expect, Samsung is appealing that decision with a claim against the foreman of the jury. On the other hand, some courts in other countries have ruled in favor of Samsung, so it’s clearly a back and forth battle. In one popular case, Apple was forced to publish a statement on its website saying that Samsung did not, in fact, copy them at all.

[via SlashGear]