SmartThings Mobile Dashboard

Samsung has ventured into the smart home industry a few years ago but it’s not exactly popular and widely used. There are many other smart options but the South Korean tech giant is determined to get more users by improving the whole experience. The introduction of the Samsung Connect HOME will hopefully encourage more Samsung consumers to connect and jump on the bandwagon.

One of the smart products the company offers is the SmartThings that came first with the Smart Home Monitor service.

SmartThings has been available in the UK since 2015 and Samsung soon introduced other related products such as the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit, SmartThings Multi Sensor, and the SmartThings Power Outlet. To further enhance the smart home experience, Samsung released some changes on the SmartThings app. With the update, you will see a brand new dashboard experience.

If you choose your favorite Things and Routines, you will see them now on the dashboard. Tablets are also now supported so feel free to download the SmartThings app on your tablet and start managing your smart products from the device.

SmartThings allows you to manage, monitor, control, and secure your home even remotely. Even when you’re in another country, you can still control your smart home products like sensors, locks, and lights so you know your home is always secure.

Download SmartThings Mobile from the Google Play Store