We’ve heard of SmartThings before. In fact, we’ve recently learned about the SmartThings V2 and Smart Home Monitor service. Samsung also updated some sensors. Even before that, UK residents got the chance to enjoy Samsung SmartThings products. With good news about the SmartThings being spread around, we know that more people can take advantage of this technology. Even Amazon Echo is now integrated with SmartThings products to help anyone build a hi-tech home life.

This time, the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit is being released. This kit will be ready for anyone ready to have a “smarter home”. This kit provides the user all the information he needs to start monitoring and controlling home from anywhere. This special kit also allows him to secure and protect his home more. There may be existing home security system available but this SmartThings Kit from Samsung provides greater protection and control especially when you’re away from home.

The $249 Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit comes with a number of items inside the box. There’s one Outlet to let you control lights, small appliances, and other electronics. There’s a Motion Sensor so you can monitor movement in your home–unwanted and mysterious especially.

The kit also features the new SmartThings Hub where you can connect the smart lights, cameras, locks, and sensors among others. Last but not the least, there are a couple of Multipurpose Sensors that will monitor whether doors, cabinets, windows, or garage doors are open or closed.

To set up your smart home, download the SmartThings app first. It’s compatible on both Android and iOS. It should be able to tell you any unexpected or unwanted activity in parts of the home that you are monitoring. You can detect anything now, as well as, arm or disarm your home. To be sure, you can set up cameras, more locks, and alarms and prove that you are one paranoid geek.

You can buy the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit from several retail and online stores like Best Buy, Amazon, Samsung.com, and Sears.com, Samsung will soon be launching SmartThings.com. Expect more smart products to be introduced in stores.

This is one home monitoring solution that we believe will help advance smart home technology. This is just the beginning of your “smarter” life.

SOURCE: SmartThings