Samsung has finally gotten in the groove of releasing Jelly Bean to its latest devices, including the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and the Galaxy S III just today. Samsung also detailed more devices for which it will bring Jelly Bean to, but it doesn’t look good overall. In total, there are 15 devices that Samsung plans to equip Jelly Bean with at some point.

While 15 devices may sound like a lot (it is), Samsung is leaving out a lot of its older devices from the upgrade list, one device being the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was given out to developers at Google’s I/O conference in 2011. Here’s a list of the 15 devices that Samsung plans to roll out Jelly Bean for:

– Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
– Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
– Galaxy Note 10.1
– Galaxy S II
– Galaxy Note
– Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
– Galaxy S Advance
– Galaxy S II LTE
– Galaxy Music
– Galaxy Chat
– Galaxy Ace 2
– Galaxy Beam
– Galaxy Ace Plus
– Galaxy Mini II
– Galaxy S DUOS

All of these devices will see the usual Jelly Bean upgrades we’ve talked about before, like Project Butter (a smoother and snappier UI), improved notifications, and automatic widget re-sizing. We should also expect Samsung to put their own twist into the updated mobile OS with their TouchWiz UI.

The company hasn’t said exactly when it plans to roll out Jelly Bean for these devices, providing only a generic “coming soon” for those asking. However, we should expect to see unlocked devices to be the first to receive Jelly Bean. Samsung warns that devices sold through carriers will most likely receive delays.

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  1. So.If I hear JB on unlocked S11’s in the UK before I get JB, All I can say is O2 you better unlock me, I don’t care whether I have 6 months left on my contract or not.I’m gone. I’ll pay till the end but you won’t see this skinny ass again ever and that’s a promise

  2. What does Galaxy Music mean? Does that mean the music players? Like the 4.0/5.0/4.2/3.6? Kind of doubt it but I’m confused a bit there.

  3. Since the S3 is *NOT* in the “rollout list”… I guess it won’t be getting JB.

    (Awful writing. Putting the S3 in the “article” and then totally leaving it out of the device-list that will EVER get JB.)

  4. I don’t see the Galaxy Tab 10.1 listed as one that will/can be upgraded for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It has not been that long since I purchased the Tab 10.1 and only recently was updated to ICS android 4.0.4. I know they came out with a Galaxy 2 but fir software changes, I would have expected a longer turnaround before obsolescence. They aren’t going to force me to upgrade my tablet because it works well enough for what I need it for. Instead, they are just going to make me sour on Samsung products because of built in limited life and lack of foresight and adequate product planning to give the customer his moneys worth. I have enjoyed using the Tab 10.1 and hope Samsung will reconsider making Android 4.1 available to users of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  5. whats the point in buying their equipment if they wont even update it a year later10.1 is not very old . why should i buy the next upgrade equipement if you wont support it a short time later.

  6. I am SAMSUNG Galaxy S Duos user. I have purchased this cell in Feb,13. I have paid more than Rs. 10000 and received Ice Cream Sandwich. whereas today by paying Rs. 5000 only for Samsung Galaxy star duos, people get Jelly bean. What is taking this much long for Samsung Galaxy S Duos to have Jelly bean?

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