For those of you patiently waiting for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to arrive on your Galaxy Nexus over Verizon’s network (some more patient than others), you will be pleased to know that it’s finally happening. We got word today that Verizon has been rolling out the latest Android OS out to its LTE Galaxy Nexus owners.

The Jelly Bean update is detailed in a PDF document from Verizon, which mostly just gives you a rundown of all the new features you’ll be getting, like Google Now, improved notifications, a much smoother UI, and a smarter keyboard.

It’s hard to believe it’s taken this long for Jelly Bean to arrive on Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus. To have it take two months for Google’s latest mobile OS to arrive on its own flagship phone is beyond us. I’m sure Verizon had its reasons, and we’re glad Jelly Bean is finally here, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still scornfully gazing at Verizon.

Then again, those with the guts to root their GNex have probably already been playing around with Jelly Bean ever since CyanogenMod 10 came out last month. But finally VZW Galaxy Nexus owners are greeted with an official update. From this day forward, here’s to a new and improved Android experience that will last a lifetime (or until the next Android update comes out, for which we’ll be back to waiting a few months again). Verizon warns that it’s a “WiFi only download,” so be sure you’re not out and about when you decide to hit the update button.

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  1. Amazingly when I checked this am I had update. Have phone on cdma/lte and hasnt dropped signal once! Had a glitch where phone was going directly to voice mail but figured that was because this phone before update dropped signal in lte every few servings. Phone working now and Google Now is amazing! Love my Galaxy Nexus!

  2. Just received the 4.1.1 update, but now have a problem with my text mess music, If I am in the middle of texting and the person text me again I cannot get the music to stop unless I shut phone off. it funny if I get three before I send and I hear the same song overplaying each other. Any idea if there is a fix for this?


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