Samsung 5G 2019

Samsung is still the top mobile OEM in the world. It won’t be replaced by Huawei anytime soon although we believe the Chinese company is still bent on taking over the world. In 2019, it has remained to be the king by selling millions of new smartphones. Growth may be stagnant at first but the entrance of 5G phones has made a difference. The 5G technology may not be perfect yet and may not be widely available but this 2020, Samsung and other mobile brands may be able to bring the new tech to greater heights.

The South Korean tech giant has recently shared numbers pertaining to 5G. In 2019, the company shipped over 6.7 million Galaxy 5G devices. That is impressive since there are only a few 5G phones available in the market.

Samsung only sells a number of 5G phone models. The list includes the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Note10+ 5G, Note10 5G, Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G, and the mid-range Galaxy A90 5G. The next 5G device from Samsung is the Galaxy Tab S6 5G due this Q1 2020. It will be known as the first 5G tablet in the world.

Samsung has an edge because it’s been working on 5G technology. It has also worked with other OEMs and networks in testing and implementing 5G and other related tech. This year, the brand’s 5G portfolio is expected to become thicker with the next-gen products and services not only in South Korea but around the world.

The 6.7 million Galaxy 5G phones actually account for more than half of all 5G phones in the world with a 53.9% share of the market. That’s only the available 5G devices from Samsung. An exec shared this statement: “For Samsung, 2020 will be the year of Galaxy 5G and we are excited to bring 5G to even more device categories and introduce people to mobile experiences they never thought possible.”

The company is confident that the numbers will improve especially since Huawei’s numbers are in danger when it comes to selling 5G phones. We’ll see if Samsung will still lead the 5G market in terms of sales.


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