T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

After hearing about the international 4G LTE data passes from T-Mobile, here we are learning that the Galaxy S10 5G is being released this week in the US. The new S10 variant joins the short list of 5G phones available in the market and it will be available soon in six cities in the country. It will be out with mmWave 5G. Finally, T-Mobile is ready with 5G connectivity. It’s not ahead of the competition in this area but we think that’s okay. We’re just glad to know the carrier can say it’s ready with 5G.

T-Mobile was preparing for the 600MHz 5G service. Soon enough, T-Mobile customers can take advantage of ultra-fast mobile Internet connection everywhere in the US. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the first 5G phone from the company. It’s been available already from Verizon so the latter will have competition although only six cities are getting the 5G coverage, at least, for now.

The T-Mobile 5G network is expected to have loyal Samsung fans getting the Galaxy S10 5G. Sales will officially begin on June 28. Meanwhile, the mmWave 5G network is set to go live in six cities. Those living in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City will be the lucky ones to first experience 5G by T-Mobile.

Access to 5G will be gradual so don’t expect all areas in all six cities will receive 5G right away. Check out the maps below for 5G network availability and access in the US cities mentioned:

As with most 5G networks, if 5G isn’t available in the area, your phone will automatically switch to 4G LTE. If there is no 4G still for some reason, it will connect to 3G. The 5G should be readily available in major areas where T-Mobile is launching mmWave 5G.


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