If you’ll take a look back at this post: Galaxy S No-Froyo Explained by Samsung Update Fees? you’ll know what the heck is going on here. In reply to that post, a post in which an unnamed fellow posting anonymously in hopes of not being identified let loose a torrent of possible facts about Samsung, including the idea that they’re charging carriers for pushing Android updates, Samsung says no way!

Our pals over at Phone Scoop have a scoop with a reply they’ve apparently received from Samsung that says no less than the following:

“No. Samsung is not charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S. We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!”

Since the charging of moneys for pushed updates to Android devices to newer versions of the Android OS is against Google’s rules for the open source system, this update makes perfect sense to us. Take a peek at the [ongoing thread] in the forums to get your two cents in.

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Galaxy S No-Froyo Explained by Samsung Update Fees?

[Via Phone Scoop]


  1. Ok Samsung, then what seems to be the problem? I mean Motorola could provide the update to android 2.2 as well as HTC. They, just like you, also have ‘skins’ that they overlay over vanilla android. They also work with the same carriers as you. They go through the same hurdles and deal with the same things as you but in the end, they were able to work shit out while you guys sit on your asses and just keep your consumers in the dark with vague, and uninformative statements while also trying to connect with us with stupid little tweets that also tell us nothing. If you guys are going to make electronics and focus on hardware initially, then not support it later on in terms of updates, that’s fine, just tell us so that we can evaluate buying your product based on its current merits instead of bullshit promises that will seemingly never come into fruition.

    The second I get a chance, I’m leaving Samsung and getting basically anything else. I can go to Sony for my TV’s, LG/HTC/Motorola or anyone else really for my phones and the same goes for computers. I mean shit, if you aren’t going to give me what I pay for and provide me with the support I expect, then I refuse to support you financially.

    You’ve pissed a LOT of people up off and without a COMPELLING reason and a FIXED DATE as to when this problem will be resolved, then you will be having a LOT of problems as time goes on.

    And finally, who makes a smart phone these days that can’t lock onto GPS signals? Honestly, that’s just embarrassing.

  2. Samsung, stop talking, and there is no need to start acting.

    Customers have already done so, and based on your prompt reply. You are seeing your sales decline.

    Its not going to stop.

    You failed on your promise and that has a cost related to it. You will see through out the year.


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