There is wacky unrest in the streets, Community. The people with their Samsung phones are freaking out, foaming at the mouth, and imagining chewing on the Samsung logo in their minds because they can’t think of anything better to do to show their rage! Then they started to get wise, maybe, by first creating a Class Action Lawsuit against Samsung and T-Mobile. Then, a fellow by the name of s15274n over on XDA forums has started up a Twitter campaign where people Tweet their complaints about Samsung, affixing the hashtag #NeverAgain to each to make Samsung understand the people! This is the most important cause of your LIFE, everyone. Rally together and FIGHT the people that are giving you internet and phone service. Do it now!

He lists this wacky campaign in a way that would make Stalin shake in his boots, Hitler’s mustache fall off, and Satan himself turn green! Take a peek at a clip of the massively Twittery campaign here:

While nothing is confirmed, I still believe Samsung needs to be aware of just how pissed they are making our community. I’m not talking stupid class action, blah blah… I simply want our voice heard, and for a Froyo release to happen ASAP… but beyond that, I want them to adhere to the Open Handset Alliance and release their source for our developers.

I believe we all now who is going to put out a better product, and right now they (our developers) are handicapped because they do not have everything they need.

That said, we need to be organized!

We need twitter to trend.

The “class action” he’s talking about is of course the Class Action Suit that another XDA developer is planning now also: [right here]. Can there be no turning back from here? Is this the end of the friendship and peace that has been so paramount to the world of Android?

Tune in next post for more Rocky and Bullwinkle!

Also take a peek at the rest of the guy’s twitter post [over here] and beware when you search for the Twitter hashtag, half of the responses are about single parents who no longer want their children because they cry too much. Harsh. This conversation continues in this subject in the Android Community forums:

“What are YOU going to do about Samsung?”

UPDATE: Take a peek at the original thread on XDA for developments on this particular campaign.

[Via XDA]


  1. I had a Samsung Fascinate on Verizon for a week. It was slow, and the fact it launched with 2.1 was a concern for me. Once I started to hear about the delays in rolling out the 2.2 update and the nexus S, which is going to be replaced with a “4G+ Nexus S” that has 2.4 concerned me even more. I dumped it back to Verizon and got a phone I can count on more to get me an OS update, HTC.

    Samsung, NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dam I think we just want what we where promised an not to be left behind because samsung wants to make more money on the vibrant plus and hold back 2.2 for the vibrant even longer, this blog is a terrible interpretation on what we are trying to accomplished you act like we should just sit on are hands and wait tell where due for a new upgrade instead of just trying to get a promised update.

  3. I believe the point that needs to be made is: android customers are not interested in just a phone. We pay top dollar for technology that can keep up with the android updates. Samsung and carriers took our money, locked us into contracts, and lied on the quality and support of the galaxy line. No one likes to be made a fool of to the tune of a $500.00 device and monthly payments of atleast $75.00 or more for service to a top android phone.

  4. I bought a Samsung BluRay DVR a couple of years ago. It took almost as long to load the DVD as it did to watch it, like two minutes. It was unusable so I gave it to my girlfriend, who is too cheap to buy her own, and bought an OPPO. Instead of fixing their horrible software, they just updated the software into a new model and never fixed the old one. I have a Samsung TV and they did the same thing, they went from the A model to the B model. I swore I would never buy another Samsung product that depended on software upgrades. They make great hardware but their software upgrades suck.

  5. “The people with their Samsung phones are freaking out at the mouth, and imagining chewing on the Samsung logo in their minds because they can’t think of better to do to show their rage!”…..Really asshole? Not everyone gives a shit about froyo on thier galaxy s phone. Yeah there are a hell of a lot of people whining about it and acting entitled like a two year old in a toy store, but thats not every samsung consumer. It’s a goddamn phone and should be used as one. Not a on the go home theatre, desktop computer, tom-tom, all rolled into a single device. For the people THAT ARE WHINING about froyo…get a life as there more serious problwms in the world at the moment than people not getting an update. Grow the fuck up.

  6. Well actually it’s not just a phone and its embedded near as expensive as a computer and has been marketed to do all those things that you claim its not for. Furthermore the whole point of having a device like this is to do all those things and more hence the fairly expensive monthly fee, and as long as I’m paying the damn fee I want it to work as advertised and so do a lot of other people so to you I say stfu. Also, ever since I got the JI6 update a month after I got the phone, my vibrant works like crap, gallery crashes my phone GPS is as bad or worse than before. If all I wanted was a damn phone I would go back to my M. Razor and my old plan which was much cheaper.

  7. for the right phone, and right price, i will definitely buy a samsung. HOWEVER, samsung moved down a few notches IMO, so if there is a toss up between a samsung and an htc for example, hands down i’m going htc

  8. HTC & Motorola > Samsung and Verizon > Tmobile

    I know Samsung and Tmobile never promised an update, but damn I expected them to follow their competitors’ footsteps with timely updates when I resigned. I should havIe signed with Verizon and got a Droid 2. Their excuse of a better user experience for the delay is a bunch of bullshit. Actually feel it was for the 4g Vibrant for Samsung and the way Tmobile had to handle the hotspot option for their data plan.

    Tmobile and Samsung are a bunch of douches. And yes I do buy my phones for its GPS and functional apps. Anyone bought a phone to make calls should have stuck with a $30 1990’s flip phone.


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