This news tip comes from a tipster speaking with Android Spin. That’s a tongue twister. They say this person is a reliable source inside Samsung and/or T-Mobile who says that some silly things are solidifying inside and behind closed curtains. He says that not only does Samsung have a fully functional OTA for Android 2.2 ready, but they’re not allowed to push it out to the public because it could hurt sales of the Vibrant 4G (aka Samsung Vibrant Plus). Additionally, he notes, the original Vibrant is currently already able to utilize 4G connectedness FULLY. Really? “Yes FULLY.”

Check it out, the text from the tipster is reproduced here in full (or at least in full as far as Android Spin is producing it:

Some disturbing things have happened the last week or so concerning our “Vibrant”. Samsung has NOT allowed us to push the update OTA for 2.2 because they feel it will decrease the value of the upcoming Vibrant 4G +. While from a marketing aspect i totally understand, as the Vibrant 4G is what the original Vibrant should have been in the 1st place. But to shun off and bold face lie to customers is NOT what T-Mobile is about.

…Being that, Vibrant 4G and Vibrant have exactly same stats, added FFC and a new movie and the 4G. But i will tell you this, the original vibrant CAN utilize 4G FULLY. Yes FULLY. not what they are telling you.

Ugh that’s harsh! Does this mean that Samsung is to blame, or do you believe that it’s actually T-Mobile who’s responsible for the holdup? All of this is just so much to take, It’s so much drama it’s heart-wrenching! But wait, isn’t that Vibrant 4G supposed to be the one that’s coming packed with the movie [INCEPTION] in it?

Perhaps this is all a dream!

UPDATE we now have the full text of that source’s comments:

I started a Field Trainer for [redacted] and I am now [working Android] at T-Mobile. Some disturbing things have happened the last week or so concerning our “Vibrant”. Samsung has NOT allowed us to push the update OTA for 2.2 because they feel it will decrease the value of the upcoming Vibrant4G +.

While from a marketing aspect I totally understand, as the Vibrant 4G is what the original Vibrant should have been in the 1st place. But to shun off and bold face lie to customers is NOT what T-Mobile is about.

Trust me when I tell you, we had an update for the original G1, and HTC begged us not to. In 75% of the cases known to me in my [time] here and my [time] dealing with Android I will say that honestly most upgrade hold offs were the Manufacturer and NOT us as some believe. But we catch the flack.

I am tired. [redacted] I am up to here with Samsung. They pulled the same thing with the Behold 2 that I MYSELF had to clean up and caught wind over. The update to 2.1 update 1 is existant yet Samsung (for marketing reasons) felt that it would be better to just move forward. Samsung’s only concern is general sales, NOT RETENTION. They could care less if you buy the phone, get pissed and cancel T-Mobile contract. All they care about is they got your sale.

So pushing out anything like 2.2 or 2.3 is not in the books as something they plan on doing. It has nothing to do with bugs. The US version of Froyo for the Vibrant works flawlessly as I am using it now. But they feel that would be 1 less thing to brag about when Vibrant 4G launches. Being that Vibrant 4G and Vibrant have exactly same stats, added FFC and a new movie and the 4G.

But i will tell you this. the original vibrant CAN utilize 4G FULLY. Yes FULLY. Not what they are telling you. [Later clarified as “I do not mean Hardware is capable of 4G. I’m saying theoretical speeds of up to 5mbps. We already have publicly said that most would see a speed increase and be able to utilize the 4G speeds of our network.”]

We were prepared for this with the update which would change the 3G to a 4G logo when in HSPA+ areas. But Sammy again said NO! I writing you so we can honestly move forward. Maybe customers will file a class action will get them off the chair and make them move. Hopefully the information contained herein will help you with an editorial on this serious issue and not blind the people with the “P.R. answers” being given by Sammy’s Twitter accounts and Customer Service.

[Via Android Spin]


  1. Are you F’ing Kidding ME!!!???? SERIOUSLY that makes a lot of sense that they would do that and it really irks me to finding out more and more it is becoming the truth about Samsung and their Vibrant!!!!! GRRRRR

  2. F** This!!! Even though I have the Epic 4G, they did the exact same thing, delayed the release of android 2.2 for galaxy S phones. JUST GIVE US THE F***IN UPDATE AND FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!

  3. i think it’s samsung, since it’s not only t-mobile who dosen’t have 2.2 on the galaxy S but all U.S carriers as well(proud mytouch 4g plum owner)

  4. This all seems stupid to me because wouldn’t you think the 4G device would just replace the older Vibrant since 4G is obviously where the mobile industry is heading? This way Samsung could update all existing Vibrants and still avoid undermining their new product. Other than that, my Vibrant will definitely be the last mobile device from Samsung that I will buy. It’s so frustrating to see phones with the same specs as the Vibrant (Nexus S, Nexus One, Droid, ect.) running newer OS’s and/or getting updated a lot sooner. Why do I have a feeling that, even though the Vibrant is a phone that has so much potential will probably only go as far as 2.2?

  5. Samsungs lack of updates has already undermined their brand and any phones they may offer. It will be surprising if they even sell more than a million phones this quarter. A delay on these facts will only create more animosity towards Samsung.

    Tmobile stand to lose lots of customers if it keeps this business relationship. Tmobile at the very least will lose money keeping Samsung products in their stores, as everyone will avoid them.

    Tmobile needs to take public stance on the Samsung relationship before they crash and bien like Samsung shall.

  6. This sounds just like Samsung, given their announcement to sell 60 million phones this year, well your not going to get there by offering OS updates if you are selling an updated model that, wait for it, does the same as the model you won’t update.

    I had a fascinate for about a week, returned it promptly, Super AMOLED or not running 2.1 when 2.2 came out 5 months prior, and now 3 months later still no 2.2 for Verizon. No ^#$%( way Samsung.

  7. The only samsung phones I will ever consider buying again are the ones released by google (currently only the nexus s, there will probably be no others). I really wish I could go along with the rest of you and claim that Samsung will lose big over this, but have you talked to average consumers? They have no idea they are not running the latest. I overheard people in my calculus class claiming that HTC does not have any android phones. They don’t even know what android is! They know it is on some phones, but that is about it. Samsung will continue to be popular.

  8. @Patrick, you unfortunately are 100% correct. 9/10 consumers don’t give a rats behind about firmware or updates. Shoot, I end up updating the apps on my dad’s and girlfriend’s phones because they don’t care enough to update or they see it as a burden.

    That being said, with all the beyond frustrating problems I have had with this phone (freezing 2-3 times daily, consistent hanging, infuriating memory leak, useless GPS, etc..) I most certainly will NOT be sending Samsung any more money for products.

  9. @patrick and @jason yep and yep. early adopters, hackers, and even developers are often last on the list of things to worry about. harsh worrrld!

  10. This is the last Samsung phone that I buy. And I will probably terminate my contract with T-Mobile shortly. I feel really angry about this whole thing, I’ve been telling everyone what a great phone this is and how much I love my provider. Looks like the joke’s on me.

  11. Patrick, I can echo your statement about average consumers’ lack of awareness. I know seven other Galaxy S owners (three T-Mo, two ATT, two Sprint). ONE other person knew what operating system he used and knew that a newer one existed. One person thought Android was an apps store where he could buy cool games. No, we’re an overwhelmed minority and Samsung has very little use for our numbers. It’s a bummer to be sure. The phrase “ignorance is bliss” applies here.

  12. +1 First and Last Samsung anything!!!! Had to extend my contract 2 years to get Vibrant, cannot wait to be over! Getting off Samsung and Tmobile! Sick of them both!

  13. T-Mobile is about as useful as a cock-flavored lollipop!

    Sincerely, a proud Vibrant owner.
    p.s. Froyo is so 2010; IceCream is around the corner sort of speak.

  14. Isn’t there a lawyers buffet interested in get some money from sammy ?.
    I think all vibrant 2.1 users will be willing to help.

  15. Both carier and manufacturer are playinv this update game I bought the Dell Streak on the promise of the 1.6 will be updated to 2.1 that was in August 2010 then they decided they were going to skip 2.1 and go to 2.2 instead it’s now Jan. 15 2011 still no update fist it was Dell sitting on their hands now it’s AT&T With their many delays i now heard that the update is stuck in AT&T never ending testing black hold meanwhile we are stuck with a bare;y userble devise it’s time for Google tk step in and to pull the OS from the greedy pigs who put profit before costumer satisfaction or people like me will have no choice but to go back to apple got forbid

  16. Here’s a crazy idea, lets all cancel our cell phones and go back to the good old days of rotary phones and home landlines. Might be nice to actually walk around and not have to interrupt every conversation by stopping to answer a cell or send a text msg.

  17. EVERYONE CHILLLLLLL……The 2.2 update was sent out to all Vibrant users from T-MOBILE (aka the only company who cares about the customers they have) starting this past Wednesday. I already received mine and most of my friends are still receiving the updates. SO be happy that you made the decision 6 months ago to purchase the Vibrant because it still is one of the top phones in the market.


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