Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Under Display Camera

Samsung has started the year by introducing the new Galaxy Chromebook 2 and the Galaxy M02s in India. Next week, we’ll finally see the Galaxy S21 flagship phones. The series will have three variants: the regular Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. A lot of information has been shared over the year and as early as May 2020. We’re looking forward to confirming everything we know especially that S-Pen support on the Ultra. One idea we’re not sure will be applied yet is the under-display camera.

We’ve been saying the non-possibility for months. Now we’re learning the technology may be ready for the Galaxy Note 21. We think this can be done because Samsung has been working on the tech for years.

Samsung will be using a different selfie camera in next-gen phones. A camera will be placed under the screen. ZTE has already applied such on the Axon 20 5G. It’s not perfect since image results are not that great but we know it works.

There are still rooms for improvement. LG is also believed to be considering it. An OPPO phone prototype was sighted with an under-display camera.

A patent for such under display camera technology has been awarded to Samsung. Looking at the illustration, we see a full-screen design. There is no notch, no hole, and no bezels. The patent is simply entitled “Display Device”. It was filed in May 2020 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and published only last December 31, 2020.

Samsung Under Display Camera Technology 2

Samsung Under Display Camera Technology

Samsung explains the phone has two display parts. One is for the main with the second one for the selfie camera part. A camera sensor is placed underneath that can receive light for capturing stills and videos. It’s not clear what kind of sensor will be used but there could be an infrared and a flash that will help the selfie camera.

The two screens may be integrated and interconnected seamlessly. You may not even notice there are two parts. The smaller screen may have higher resolution though.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Under Display Camera Tech

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also said to come with an under display camera. That can be done if the Galaxy Note 21 will have it. But then again, a foldable display is altogether a different technology.