While we’re busy anticipating for the modular phone from Motorola, we had no idea that Lenovo was also working on a new smartphone. We were thinking that the Lenovo phones sighted a few weeks ago were actually the Moto E variants. Nothing is certain yet but such rumor led us to believe that Lenovo will only push for the Moto phones. At the Lenovo Tech World, Lenovo surprised us not only with the Moto Z Droid but also with the announcement that it is working on two Android smartphone with bendable displays.

Lenovo used the term bendable and not foldable, flexible, or rollable and the images below show us that the phone really is bendable. Displays are flexible and there are more flexible pieces that comprise the device. This new Lenovo tech is expected to rival Samsung’s Galaxy X foldable phone due next year, as well as, the Moxi.

Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius and YouTube star Megan McCarthy showed off the bendable displays and devices at the tech event yesterday. Watch the video below and see that it will very well remind you of the wrist-slap bands of our childhood.

There are two versions. There’s a thinner variant that works as a simple bracelet when not in use. It’s called the ‘Cplus’. The other version is known as ‘Folio’ which is just a concept for now. It’s more of a foldable display that turns a tablet into a smartphone.

VIA: SlashGear