Samsung was heavy on the device announcements yesterday and it looks like they also slipped out some details on a cloud storage solution. The service is called HomeSync Lite and it will provide the user with on-the-go access to files that you have stored on your home computer. HomeSync Lite uses your home PC as the cloud and ultimately that means you can have that cloud access without any additional monthly fees.

This solution means you will be able to access the files you have stored on your home computer and nicely, the storage is not limited to the internal drives. In other words, you can have the internal drive as well as attached USB drives connected to your personal cloud. In addition to accessing the files from your home computer, this can also be used to back up important files from your mobile devices.

Basically, users will now have a solid solution to make sure they aren’t going to lose any images they capture with their phones. Taking that a step further and it not only means backing things up, but it also removes the worry of having a particular file on a particular device. Users will also be able to download files to include documents and music as well as stream audio and video.

Bottom line here, this seems like it could be a good option for someone that carries multiple devices as well as for a family. And for those worried about privacy between family members, the HomeSync Lite solution supports personal folders as well as shared folders. Users are able to share amongst five Samsung accounts — each of which can have six devices.

Aside from the HomeSync Lite cloud solution, Samsung also showed off the Galaxy S4 Active, Zoom and Mini as well as the Galaxy NX Camera — all of which we spent some hands-on time with. Not to mention, the ATIV Q which is a dual-boot tablet with Windows and Android.