Samsung is one of the biggest forerunners in the VR industry. The company introduced its first Gear VR back in 2014 and after almost two years, it’s still part of the game although we don’t know well how it is doing in terms of sales. In partnership with Oculus, Samsung’s Gear VR has progressed into one of the most accessible and affordable virtual reality headsets today. The standard now is the $99 Gear VR but it still requires a compatible Galaxy phone.

Before its commercial launch, the Samsung Gear VR has gotten a number of iterations including the Innovator Edition for the Galaxy S6/S6 edge and the free version for the Galaxy S7/S7 edge. What’s commercially available now is the latest and it’s about time that it gets a follow-up. That may be happening soon as something believed to be a Gear VR 2 was sighted on Zauba. The latter is India’s import and export data portal so we know that the new Gear device is in the works.

Samsung Gear VR 2

It’s already a given that Samsung is always working on something new but this information tells us that it may be coming very soon. Listed on the database is a ‘Samsung Bluetooth (GEAR VR)(SM- R323)’ which is said to be for a Samsung mobile phone. It’s already “for testing and evaluation purpose” and not yet for sale.

Not much details but the unit is from South Korea and that it’s value is 2,749 INR which is about $40. Two units were sent to India for testing. Looking forward to more leaks and teasers then.

VIA: Zauba