The Samsung Galaxy S4 turned out to be the Galaxy Watch. We have no idea about the next-gen smartwatch from the South Korean tech giant but the old Gear S3 and Gear Sport are getting important upgrades. A software update will bring some Galaxy Watch features and enhancements to major functions like Samsung Health. This means more people can get into wellness especially since it’s the first month of the year– the perfect time to do new things and at least start those resolutions.

Both Samsung Gear S3 and Samsung Gear Sport offer top-notch wearable experience but the latest update will offer more versatility. Samsung calls this the Value Pack update. It is expected to be available in key markets around the globe since it already launched yesterday.

The Gear S3 and Gear Sport’s Samsung Health has been improved with the addition of 20 indoor workouts. The smartwatches can record the exercises so you can view your progress. The watches can also check sleep quality by keeping tabs of the duration, sleep time, the three movement states, and even a weekly record. There’s also the Sleep Widget that shows a log of your previous sleeps.

The wearable devices feature with a Quick Panel that shows the modes or icons, eight settings, and other customizations like Find My Phone or BT Headset. The panel also offers Theater Mode and Goodnight Mode.

As with most software updates, this one improves communication and adds several features for calls and messaging. Saving draft messages is possible. MMS support is better. Automatic playback support for animated images has been added as well.

Samsung has teamed up with other groups like Smart Caddie and Under Armour for the lifestyle and fitness apps. More partnerships are expected with Strava, TIDAL, and C25K (Couch to 5K). The apps may be optimized for use on the Samsung Gear S3 and Galaxy Gear Sport.

SOURCE: Samsung