If you have a Samsung smartwatch and you’re a fan of Under Armour’s digital fitness prowess, then you’ll be excited to know that the two brands are collaborating on creating enhanced fitness apps to help you with your fitness resolutions this year. Four of Under Armour’s popular health and fitness apps will be enhanced specifically for the Samsung Gear Fit 2, Gear S2, and Gear S3 to give you a more seamless experience with both your wearable and the apps you use to achieve your goals.

The four apps, specifically UA Record™, MyFitnessPal®, MapMyRun® and Endomondo™ will be part of the Under Armour Connected Fitness Suite. Aside from being integrated into the aforementioned smartwatches, Samsung will also be adding features and unique functionalities to users of the wearables. For example, UA Record™ has a dashboard for activity, sleep, and workout monitoring, but they’ve added a unique feature for Samsung users that will show map and route display as well as untethered GPS tracking.

The MyFitnessPal® app helps record your dietary intake so you can monitor your nutrition, calories, and exercise. If you use a Samsung device, you will also get to log in your water intake and have a quick-add calories feature as well. With MapMyRun®, you get untethered tracking and more challenges, on top of the basic running, walking, riding, and hiking tracking features. Lastly, Endomondo™ has custom training plans, map tracking, and sharing capabilities, but you will also get the Challenges feature if you use it on any of the compatible Samsung smartwatches.

The UA Record™, MyFitnessPal®, and MapMyRun® are already available for Samsung Gear Fit 2 owners, while Endomondo™ will also be arriving later this month. For those who have Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3, you will be able to download the apps “in early 2017” although no specific month has been given.

SOURCE: Samsung


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