Samsung Galaxy Z Fold World Premier

No doubt Samsung is the No. 1 brand when it comes to foldable phones. It’s a new category that hasn’t really beed widely available but we believe it will flourish as more OEMs are developing their own versions. Apart from Samsung, there’s Huawei, Motorola, Royole, and in the near future, Xiaomi, OPPO, and even Google. For this year, the South Korean tech giant is expect to introduce a new Galaxy Z Flip and another Galaxy Z Fold model. They will be next-generation foldables that may be expected to come out this 2021.

At the moment, Samsung can be trusted when it comes to foldable phones. They are not perfect but they already work. We especially recommend the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G which was announced in August last year. Samsung even held a separate Unpacked event for the foldable Android phone.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G 100-Day Trial

If you are thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 or a Galaxy Z Flip, now may be the perfect time. Samsung is offering a $200 instant credit plus a 100-day trial period for the foldable phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Series 2021

Not many people may like the foldable phone experience but you can try for 100 days. Three months may be enough for you to decide if the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is really for you. A $550 trade-in credit may also be offered, as well as, a $200 instant credit that you can use to purchase accessories.


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