Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is about to get a follow-up in the form of the Galaxy Tab S7 series. There will be the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus as we mentioned a while ago. Allow us to present to you renders of the Plus version by Pigtou in collaboration with OnLeaks. The Galaxy Tab S7+ will probably remind you of the iPad Pro but it is special on its own in several ways. It’s ironically thinner than the Galaxy Tab S7 but is bigger in screen size.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is obviously bigger in dimensions compared to the Galaxy Tab S7 at 285mm x 185mm x 5.7mm thick. The specs and features will be mostly the same as the smaller model. There will be dual rear cameras. We see the Samsung logo on the other side.

We’ve mentioned the Galaxy Tab S7 series a number of times here. We noted a 5G version could come to European and US markets. Early renders and a video surfaced on the web and specs have been revealed.

The Plus variant is larger and looks more squarish. With its size, it can be a challenge to carry around without a proper case or bag. We’re assuming it’s a tablet meant for greater productivity and efficiency, as well as, entertainment. Just imagine watching your favorite TV shows or movies on the 12.4-inch screen.

The tablet comes with a SIM slot so we know this one also offers 4G LTE connectivity. The 5G access is also a possibility. On one side, there is the mic which we’re assuming offers noise cancellation.

Samsung is bringing S-Pen support to the Galaxy Tab S7+. The large 120Hz screen real estate may be more useful with a stylus whether for work, school, or creativity. When it comes to the battery, the Galaxy Tab S7+ may be powered by a large 9800 mAh batt.

No word on availability and pricing. We’re looking forward to more information and that official announcement in less than two months. We’ll see then how much the tablets will cost.


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