We have seen plenty of Galaxy Tab 3 related rumors up until this point. Most of them have been dealing with specs, however as of today it looks like the chatter has turned to when the tablet may be announced. In addition to the talk of the Galaxy Tab 3, there is also a brief mention of the Galaxy Note III and some talk of software updates regarding the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 2.

Diving right in with talk of the Galaxy Tab 3, rumor has it that Samsung will be making an announcement during IFA. This conference takes place in Berlin, but more to the point for those curious about the timing here, it is scheduled to begin on September 6. This is also when Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note III.

Shifting over to the older devices and the talk surrounding the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 2 deals with updates. Basically, it looks like the original Galaxy Tab is done and has received the final software update. Things are slightly better for the Galaxy Tab 2, which is said to be going up to Android 4.2.2. Though, it was said that is where the Galaxy Tab 2 updates will stop. No timeline was given as to when the Galaxy Tab 2 update is expected to arrive.

While the Galaxy Tab 3 rumors have covered quite a bit, the Galaxy Note III chatter hasn’t been as frequent. We have seen mixed reports on the display size with some pointing towards a 5.9-inch display and some pointing towards a 6.3-inch display. Of course, some believe the Samsung Game Pad details confirmed the size of the Note III when it mentioned support for devices between 4-inches and 6.3-inches.

[via SamMobile]