The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which launched in Britain and other parts of Europe last week might be seeing itself pulled from the shelves soon, and not from buyers. Recent court rulings from a German court granted Apple a preliminary injunction against Samsung and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 stopping sales and marketing both. The Tab 10.1 was the best selling tablet ever in Europe when it launched compared to every other tablet except for the iPad 2.

This entire thing was started back when Samsung was sued by Apple over the look and feel of the Galaxy S products, then Samsung quickly started fighting back and the entire thing has continued to spiral out of control. While Apple might not be winning completely here in the US things are looking a bit better in other countries and parts of the world with even sales being somewhat halted in Australia.

This story is still developing this morning but initial reports are suggesting that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 distribution and marketing will be completely halted across the entire European Union except for the Netherlands, and Apple has a separate lawsuit that is ongoing there as we speak. It is worth noting that while Samsung can appeal the judgement, the injunction and stoppage of sales will continue in the meantime.

For now things aren’t looking to good over in the EU for Samsung. An appeal could and most likely will take an upwards of 4 weeks or more, and will be seen by the same judge. While this entire story is still developing feel free to check back shortly, we are reaching out to Samsung and should have more details shortly. For now see what Google has to say about all these lawsuits.

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  1. This is upsetting.  They may look similar in form, but anyone who spends 2 seconds using both will immediately notice that they are opposites in function.

  2. Bloody Apple. Preventing people from getting a Galaxy tab is not going to make them want an IPad instead. Really it isn’t. Surprised the German Court are allowing this anti-competitive behaviour to persist as the EU has laws against abuse of dominant position etc. Yes of course they look the same – they’re both tablets. A Samsung TV looks similar to a Panasonic TV and an LG TV etc. Perhaps we should just be thankful that Apple don’t make televisions or they wouldn’t let anyone else make those either!!

  3. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks NOTHING like an iPad or iPad 2. not even close and certainly not to  the extent that apple can claim infringement.

    I hate apple as a company and look forward to the passing away of Steve Jobs.

    • to wish the passing away of a person just because you don’t get your stupid tablet is too far off. You must be 10 years old

      • I already got mine, I don’t live in a country that bans tablets.

        going too far is suing a company because they make a product better than yours
        going too far is to ban a product from all of western Europe by two men !!!
        going too far is to cost hundreds of thousands of people their jobs because you dont like competition
        going too far is trying to force millions of consumers to buy something they don’t want
        going too far is claiming ownership of something you didn’t invent (the tablet)
        going too far is thinking that you have ownership over anything with a rectangular shape.

        and lastly, going to far is people like you who get pleasure out of seeing apple respond to competition with lawsuits instead of better products.

        you’re obviously too ignorant to understand that YOU, the consumer benefit when companies compete for your money.

  4. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks NOTHING like an iPad or iPad 2. not even close and certainly not to  the extent that apple can claim infringement.

    I hate apple as a company and look forward to the passing away of Steve Jobs.

  5. Couldn’t people in Europe just import them from the US?  Or anywhere else they’re sold (US exchange rate = cheaper usually).

  6. As always, Apple can’t compete honestly. Give me a freqking break on build quality. They all are built by Foxconn in the same damn cheapass Chinese factories. To blanketly stop sales of something like thisnwith no warning because they look alike ???? How many different ways is a tablet going to look for crying out loud. I haven’t once picked up my brothers Ipad thinking it was my Galaxie, not even close ! The only way this is happening is the same way Jobs conducts all his business, he paid off someone and got his way. This world wiol be a much better place when he finally dies off. then maybe his dronehead followers can break free and buy based on sensible evaluation of a product line instead of a logo.

  7. i played with both the ipad2 and and the galaxy tablet, and i have to say that i felt more connected to the galaxy tablet, it felt and looked alot better than the ipad. its obviously a much better product and it looks like its a pre-emptive move on apples part because they have to compete with a much superior product, but its almost laughable that a company whose CEO said that they are “shameless” about copying other peoples  idea, is now stomping their feet because they believe someone is now copying theirs..

  8. and to be honest, what was that judge smoking, or maybe he/she didt not take their meds because its like Goodyear sueing bridgestone because their tyres lookes like theirs, there is only so many ways you can manufacture a tyre likewise a tablet…

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