How are the Galaxy S8 sales so far? We already said that the figures are looking good even if it’s predicted to have slower sales before it was released in the market. When it was finally announced, Samsung received 550,000 pre-orders within two days and soon sold one million units in its home country alone. That was almost a couple of months ago. We’re curious how many phones have been sold since then.

According to The Bell, Samsung sold only 9.8 million units. The number is 20 percent lower than the Galaxy S7 sales so it’s a bit disappointing. Last year, Samsung sold 12 million Galaxy S7 in its first two months.

One reason for the low sales could be the delay. Instead of a Q1 release, Samsung already rolled out the phone in the 2nd quarter. The market is also very saturated now so competition is really very tight especially in the premium phone category. Then again, the Galaxy S7 was made available globally immediately while the S8 launched in three markets only.

Samsung hasn’t revealed any new sales figures yet. There is a possibility that sales are already slowing down according to one analyst. The first 10 million sales may be impressive but not as good as last year. The company is also believed to have reduced orders for some components. Perhaps Samsung is just being more careful this time and they don’t want units to go to waste. There’s also the fact that the Note 8’s arrival is nearing so maybe the South Korea tech giant just wants to focus more on the new phablet.

VIA: The Investor