Chatter coming out of South Korea suggests we may see Samsung unveil the Galaxy S 5 a bit ahead of when it was originally expected. Samsung has kept to a fairly regular announcement pattern for their Galaxy S series, with announcements having come in April, May and June. The talk has Samsung unveiling the Galaxy S 5 in early next year, possibly as soon as January.

Keeping in mind we have yet to hear any confirmation from Samsung, these report cite the reason for the bumped up timeframe as being poor sales of the Galaxy S 4. To this point, Business Insider recently mentioned that Samsung had been missing internal sales targets for the Galaxy S 4. Reuters has also backed up this theory with a previous mention about how Galaxy S 4 sales been decreasing due to market saturation.

And to further add to the theory about how poorly the Galaxy S 4 has been selling. A report from back in July touched on how handset sales was causing a “crisis” at Samsung. That bit came from an unnamed employee. On the flip side, it was also back in July when we heard Galaxy S 4 shipments had topped 20 million. Simply put, there appears to be evidence supporting both sides of this argument.

With that having been said, given the potential of an announcement coming sooner, we suspect we may begin seeing more leaks and rumors dealing with the Galaxy S 5. Of course, those have already begun. There has already been chatter about the Galaxy S 5 camera. It is said to be coming as a 16 megapixel with optical image stabilization. While we hope that will be the case, we do have to remember the Galaxy Note 3 was also expected to have OIS.

VIA: GigaOm