It’s never too early to start talking about “The Next Big Thing” from Samsung, and today some reports have started floating around that they’ll have an impressive camera early next year. Sometime around March they look to finally employ their new 16 megapixel mobile camera setup with optical image stabilization. Could this be the Galaxy S5?

We haven’t heard much as far as rumors for the Galaxy S5 yet, but surely that should start happening as soon as the focus drops from the Galaxy Note III, which will be announced next week in Germany at IFA. We know the Note III will have a huge 5.68-inch display, a Snapdragon 800 quad-core, and even an 8-core later too, but lately we’ve been talking about the camera.

It was rumored the Galaxy Note III would have an impressive camera with full optical image stabilization like some recent Lumia phones, and others, and it would be quite impressive. However, this afternoon some reports from Korea appear to state otherwise. Claiming Samsung’s Note III won’t get OIS, due to an issue with supply and demand for the new and impressive device.


With the Note III expected to ship millions of units, and any upcoming Galaxy S smartphone to blow through stock, it makes sense that they need to beef up their supply and get everything in order first. Back in July we heard the GS4 sales were causing an internal crisis at Samsung, and they’ll be looking to shake things up for the next model.

It’s plausible we may end up seeing an impressive display technology like never before, possibly their curved and flexible AMOLED display, alongside a top-tier camera and the latest and greatest of everything else. We know Samsung won’t be letting their foot off the gas anytime soon, and hopefully this time around they resort to a different design approach and maybe not as much plastic.

Expect late September and early October to start filling up with Samsung rumors, as another is surely coming early next year around the usual March or April time frame.

VIA: Naver