Samsung originally launched the GALAXY S 4 on April 27 and since then we have seen both good and bad reports in terms of shipments and sales for the handset. The reports on the bad side seem to have been coming from analysts and on the flip side, the positive reports seem to have been coming from Samsung.

With that in mind, Samsung announced they crossed the 10 million milestone back in May and as of today we have word that another milestone has been meet. This latest is 20 million and the details are coming by way of the Korean language iNews. The news report has this as coming from Samsung CEO JK Shin.

That said, we should mention that we have yet to see anything come direct from Samsung. Basically, this report has Samsung as shipping 20 million GALAXY S 4 handsets in just over two months time. Then again, given we are so close to the two month mark, this milestone could have actually been reached a few days earlier.

Simply put, while JK Shin spoke to reporters about the 20 million number, there wasn’t a specific date given as to when it happened. Otherwise, looking at the Galaxy S III in comparison and we find a handset that took 100 days to reach the 20 million milestone. This has the GALAXY S 4 reaching the same level about 40 days sooner.

Coincidentally, the Galaxy S III took 50 days to reach that 10 million milestone while the GALAXY S 4 did the same in a little less than 30 days. Bottom line here, it looks like the GALAXY S 4 is easily outselling the Galaxy S III. Now, lets see when we get the official confirmation from Samsung on the 20 million.

VIA: SamMobile

SOURCE: inews24