Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone was one of the most popular and highest selling smartphones last year. This year it was followed up with the bigger, better, faster Galaxy S4. Estimated to reach nearly 100 million in sales, and set to be a huge success. After already reaching 20 million shipped (not sold) some analysts are predicting a slowdown, and now one employee is reporting an internal crisis at Samsung.

With more than 20 million sold in just a few months, we wouldn’t call it a crisis, but according to the Korean news ETNews that’s exactly what has happened. While Samsung is seeing high sales, they aren’t quite as high as expected. The report comes to us by the way of one Samsung employee who wishes to remain anonymous.

The tipster states that the market penetration here in the US isn’t as high as predicted, possibly due to saturation from their other popular Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III, and the S4 isn’t doing as well as predicted. As a result, they’ll be shaking things up to help fix the crisis caused by the Galaxy S4.

What’s the plan? Samsung aims to “maximize the market share with a number of small hit models, not one single mega hit model.” Which basically means they might be going back to the Samsung of old, and releasing a flurry of products instead of one hero device like the SIII and S4.


This has already started with the Galaxy S 4 having multiple different models from the Mini, Zoom, and Active. And reports yesterday claim possibly 4 different models of the upcoming Galaxy Note III phablet. Each model will be specialized for that market, instead of a one device for all mindset. Now this could all just be talk, but it was interesting nonetheless. We think Samsung is doing just fine, but the Galaxy S5 might need to be more evolutionary than the last.

VIA: AndroidBeat