Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone 6 cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the South Korean tech giant’s 10th Anniversary flagship offering. There will be three (or four!) variants to be introduced in the first quarter of 2019. Another one may be announced together with the Galaxy X foldable phone, bearing 5G support. We’ve heard numerous information about the next-gen Galaxy S Android smartphone as early as April when we first learned about the phone display specs being finalized. The device will certainly implement a Fingerprint On Display technology and might have triple cameras.

The idea the Galaxy S10 will have three cameras at the rear started when Huawei launched the P20 Pro with triple rear cameras. Samsung is believed to follow suit but then again, the South Korean tech giant already launched a phone with four rear cameras–the Galaxy A9. We can’t say four is really better than three but if we’re talking about numbers, then Samsung has an advantage.

Another rumor has it, there will be five cameras in the pro variants. It could either be three rear plus dual selfie (3+2) or four rear and a selfie shooter (4+1). Even more cameras is a possibility. You’ll never know with Samsung.

When it comes to other specs, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a 5G variant but may roll out later. This means a Galaxy S10 that can connect to 5G networks that are scheduled to launch in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model is also believed to be bigger and more powerful with a 6.7-inch screen and six cameras.

Samsung is seeking to maintain its reign in the global mobile market. Huawei has already overtaken Apple so Samsung should work harder than ever. We’re crossing our fingers any Galaxy S10 variant will make a very good impression next year.



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