Samsung hasn’t forgotten about its 2012 and 2013 devices just yet. Rolling out across the US and Canada are Android 4.4 updates to the company’s 2012 flagship, the Galaxy S III, as well as the Canadian version of the Galaxy Note II. Meanwhile, across the pond in France, last year’s affordable 8.0-inch Galaxy Tab 3 is also getting its KitKat treat.

The Galaxy S III has actually already enjoyed an Android 4.4.2 upgrade late last month, but that has been limited to to those coming from carrier US Cellular. Now the model that is being covered is the AT&T version, specifically the SGH-i747. However, the update is also available for those under Canadian carrier Bell, Rogers, and TELUS, under the SGH-i747M model number. This, more or less coincides with the schedule for the Galaxy S III leaked earlier, though a bit late by a few weeks. It should be noted, though, that the international version of the device, specifically the GT-I9300, still has no Android KitKat update available.

Also a bit behind schedule, the Canadian models of the Galaxy Note II are also reported to be receiving Android 4.4.2 today as well. In the US, the device only got the update last week, at least for those under Verizon’s network. According to the same leaked schedule, the 2012 S Pen phablet was meant to get the update around April, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Going a bit forward in time, the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0-inch edition, which was released last year, is also getting an update. The 7.0-inch model already had its Android 4.4.2 update a few days ago, but that was for the US. This time, it is France that is getting dibs on the KitKat update, though other regions are likely to follow suit soon.

SOURCE: Samsung
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  1. Yeah? And what about the Wi-Fi model of the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0? (SM-T210R) or the T-Mobile variant (SM-T217T)? Only the Sprint model of the GT3 got the Kitkat update. Please add more detail next time.

  2. I will be selling my cheap plastic phone that samsung has scammed me into buying. It is an s3 but its not equal to other s3 models. I hate a phone named the same yet theres more than 3 models of it. It also gets excluded from an update other s3s get. Imagine the confusion for the average user when they hear kitkat is for s3 but no update for them. I shall love to get a htc with beatiful design and not plastic feel. If it gets no updates at least I can keep a solid phone. I feel like its worthless now no update (which improves ram managment) and a cheap plastic feel like all samsung phones. Rant over lol sammy over….

  3. Have a note 2 sgh1317m. Pre-install it scored around 6200 on “Quadrant”. After kk update. .it now scores 9200-9300! That is an impressive update!


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