The Samsung Galaxy S III is far from the newest device in the US Cellular lineup. But despite having a pair of successors (Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5) enter the lineup, it seems US Cellular is giving the Galaxy S III some attention. Simply put — the handset is getting an update.

US Cellular users carrying a Galaxy S III are getting Kit Kat. The update is arriving as Android 4.4.2 and will bump the baseband version to R530UVXCND4. You’ll be able to grab the update over-the-air (if connected to WiFi), or by connecting your device to a computer using a USB connection.

The former (WiFi option) is the easier of the two, however Samsung does have a detailed set of directions available for those looking to update through USB and a computer. And to clarify, the computer update process works on Windows 7, Vista or XP. Mac users will have to stick to the over-the-air option.

Perhaps key here — this update brings improvements with the Phone Dialer, Hangouts and the Camera app. Users will notice how contacts will now be prioritized based on how often you use them. The camera improvement means a new ‘touch to focus’ with the option to adjust the focus and exposure.

Anyway, those carrying a US Cellular branded Galaxy S III will want to keep an eye out for an update notification.

SOURCE: US Cellular



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