If you’ve ever wondered if and when your beloved Samsung Galaxy smartphone was getting a sweet KitKat update, wonder no more. This latest leak divulges Samsung’s timetable for the Android 4.4 update, though it isn’t all good news for everyone.

The full list of devices include both LTE and regular variants of the Galaxy Note II, the LTE Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S4 Mini LTE and non-LTE, the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, the Galaxy Grand 2, and both models of the gigantic Galaxy Mega. While we have already heard word before that these will indeed be getting the KitKat treatment, the leak does bring to our attention the estimated time when Samsung plans to deliver them. According to the spreadsheet, the Galaxy Note II LTE, Galaxy S III LTE, and Galaxy Note 3 Neo will be getting theirs this month, while the rest will have to wait until June.


Now for the bad news. The Galaxy S III, specifically the international GT-I9300 variant, is sadly left out of the list. According to SamMobile’s tipster, this is due to some rather big technical hurdles, specifically getting TouchWiz to work on the latest Android 4.4 version. Samsung is said to be under pressure from Google to deliver the update, though Google probably can’t do anything if Samsung can’t really make it possible. Such is sometimes the drawbacks of running a heavily modified user interface.

Of course, these dates are just rough estimates and Samsung isn’t beholden to stick to it, though the status for the various updates look encouraging. There is also rumors that Android 4.4.3 is already being tested for a number of devices and some might even update directly to it and skip Android 4.4.2.

VIA: SamMobile