We’ve gotten our first peek at what may well be the next generation Samsung Galaxy S II, or at least the idea of it, in a short 30 second teaser trailer for IFA 2011. This trailer is at the moment no longer available for public viewing (and will probably remain this way until we get a bit closer to the actual Berlin event,) but based on what we’ve seen, IFA 2011 is sure to have an “Unpacked” event that’ll reveal some sort of newness in the smartphone-holding hands of citizens in the form of bright lights. This advertisement took the form of the handheld torches sort of look we’ve been treated to in the past when the Galaxy S II was first teased, this new ad revealing not just a whole heck of a lot of additional info on the subject.

What we can guess though from the YouTube listing as it exists in cached form is, based on the tags Samsung hath bestowed upon it, that this is going to be a 4G LTE version of the Galaxy S II. Thus far the device has only been able to work with 3G bands – if this is true, we may well be looking at a cross-carrier release here in the USA when the time comes. A Verizon 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S II – can you imagine? Further, in the text from the YouTube video we can also clearly look forward to a Samsung Unpacked app to be released before the event – will it contain additional teasers?

Something Big Is Coming! Join us at SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED 2011 Episode II, Sketches of Your Desire, on September 1st, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. You can also download UNPACKED application from Samsung Apps and Android™ Market.

Something Big could also be an enlarged display size. God knows we’ve been enjoying the insane largeness of the Samsung Infuse 4G with its Super AMOLED Plus display – why not bump up the Samsung Galaxy S II now that it’s about to have a USA release? Something Big could mean anything, on the other hand, and aside from the fact that the tags for this video indicate pretty clearly that this is going to be a Samsung Galaxy S II release: what do you think it could be?

Also we’re working on finding an alternate source for the video, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: WE got our hands on the video and you can take a peek at it here:

[vms 11e8ebfab08eba5f4963]