Perhaps you’ve heard of the most massively powerful out of the box Android device on the market today, the Samsung Galaxy S II? Have a peek at the CF-Bench result of the device as it rests in the hands of our good pal Vince, compare it with the dwarfed results of the rest of the devices back in our original CF-Bench post and you’ll see. That said, we’ve received word that “sources living in Asia” are planning on releasing a new version of the device by the name of Samsung Galaxy II PLUS, this either before or AT the time the device is released here in the United States, all of this to compete directly with the oncoming iPhone 5 from Apple.

This newest version of the device will supposedly upgrade the power of this device from 1.2 to a 1.4 GHz in its Samsung Exynos SoC dual-core processor. Also the device will have 1GB of RAM, Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, Samsung’s TouchWiz as it’s already been featuring, and it may be coming by August or September 2011. This news also comes with a rumor that the device, since Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 comes with Google Talk and Video support, will come with Google’s new voice and video application, again, out of the box.

PopHerald, the source of all these words from Asia, also has word that the iPhone 5 will be coming in September of this year, 2011, this news leaked from an employee of a Chinese carrier. This newest Apple iOS device will of course feature support for iCloud, will have a better processing power than the iPhone 4, and will run the latest version of iOS with improved notification functions.

All this comes with what we’re going to call a BONUS rumor that the device will not come with Galaxy branding at all, this SORT OF falling in line with word we’ve heard thus far of the USA release of the device having a different name for every different carrier of said device: Attain, Function, and Within. Does this point toward a bit of worrying being done on the part of Samsung, the same group that decided to upgrade their already-released Galaxy Tab 10.1v in favor of a thinner device once the iPad 2 was released earlier this year? See our review of the Wi-Fi edition of said tablet and see the coolness now.

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