The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is out. We happened to have a hands-on feature and our first impression is that it will be difficult to sell mainly because of the price. The upgrades are great but we know many people will have to think twice or maybe even more times because of the thousand dollar price tag. The 128GB base storage may be worth it but there are phones with almost similar specs and features but with a fraction of the cost.

The Note 9 may be Samsung’s second chance but we have yet to do a comprehensive analysis. For now, we’ll gather all the information we can get and try to see what other accessories are available for the Note 9. We learned about the Moment lineup first but even before the official announcement, we’ve seen screen protectors for the Note 9 plus those phone cases and the new S-Pen.

A quick hands-on gives us an impression the Galaxy Note 9 is solidly built. We’re anticipating durability tests and see if the Note 9 will survive scratch, burn, bend, and drop tests. Hi-Tech Mail.Ru wants to get ahead of other sites by publishing its first analysis of the Note 9.

Samsung is making waves by launching the Note 9 with a 128GB of base storage. There’s no 256GB model as the company skipped to 512GB. The Note 9 is definitely superior when it comes to specs and features but it may be a different story inside.

The Russian bloggers managed to see what’s inside by doing a quick teardown. The Note 8 and Note 9 are basically the same including the back panel and screen bezels. The Note 9 though is 0.6mm shorter and 1.5mm wider. Notice the scanner is placed differently.

Looking at the components of the phone, we can say the elements are glued properly. Water and moisture won’t get inside easily because of the IP68 rating. There are rubberized connectors. The stylus receiver is glued inside.

Repairability appears to be easier and cheaper because elements are fastened to a board. The speaker looks larger so we can expect better sound quality.

The battery is 4000mAh compared to Note 8’s 3300 mAh. It’s bigger so expect longer battery life. There’s also that copper tube for cooling mentioned earlier so we’re assuming the Note 9 won’t get hot as fast. It’s not an ordinary tube because it’s actually a whole copper plate.