We know this is going to happen soon. We’ve only been waiting for Zack Nelson to post his Durability Test with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as the focus. We’re actually surprised we got to do a comprehensive review even before the brutal tests are made public. So much has been said about the new premium phablet by the South Korean tech giant and we can all agree it’s one premium smartphone with premium specs and premium pricing. We don’t doubt about the device’s excellent performance. The price is just too expensive we can get a phone with almost the same specs for almost half the price.

Even before watching the video below, we already knew what would be the outcome. Of course, the Galaxy Note is one premium line that doesn’t always disappoint. We may have some issues with other premium Galaxy models but the Note is good, save for the Note 7.

Last years’ Galaxy Note 8 kept the fame alive and passed the same Scratch, Burn, and Bend Durability Test. We’re not expecting anything new except we’re more interested now on the new and improved S Pen.

Watch the Samsung Note 9 Durability Test below:

The phone survived! The S Pen didn’t but that’s fine. The stylus is easily breakable because of the size and the plastic material. We’re not expecting something more durable but maybe Samsung could look into that in the future.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything


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