The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from last year may have been problematic what with the overheating and battery explosion but the South Korean tech giant hopes to redeem the Note line with this Note 8. It’s not exactly new and far from the 2017 Note model but we haven’t heard any major bad thing about this one. We’ve featured a few problems but they’re minor issues that can be fixed or forgotten by some people.

The Note 8 is definitely keeping the flame alive and by that, we mean the phone is impressive. Zack Nelson wanted to find out if the phone is worth the hype and the price and so off the Galaxy Note 8 goes into a series of durability test.

We have high hopes about this Note 8 because Samsung always makes the most solid smartphones in the market especially if they are premium. This one has Gorilla Glass 5 so it scratches at level 6, with a deeper groove at level 7. That is, again, normal for such display on an expensive phone. The front-facing cam is also covered by Gorilla Glass so it doesn’t easily scratch. The earpiece is covered by solid metal so it also won’t easily fall off.

The S-Pen is covered in plastic so expect it to scratch. The rubber chips are easily replaceable while the tips are found to be softer yet thicker. The rear of the phone has the same glass cover so it doesn’t scratch easily. You will see the dual cameras and the small metal ring around it. The latter protects the camera lens so it’s safer. However, the fingerprint sensor scratches bad still works perfectly.

The sides of the phone offer a premium metal feeling. The buttons are made of metal so it scratches.

The burn test shows that screen can recover after a few seconds under heat. And as expected, bending the phone from the back and the front doesn’t damage the device.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything