I’m ready for the Galaxy Nexus already and Tuesday just can’t come fast enough. For now we’ll just have to settle with the various leaks as I’m sure we’ll get one every few hours right up until Tuesday. Late yesterday the Galaxy Nexus was spotted in Verizon’s Cellebrite system, and now today it’s also appearing in cellebrite systems for Best Buy. Could this be another Best Buy exclusive like the original Galaxy S? Doubtful but it also wouldn’t surprise me either.

What we have is a screenshot from the cellebrite systems at Best Buy, and while they still have the device listed as the Nexus Prime we’ve all but confirmed it will be called the Galaxy Nexus. Either way this is a good sign seeing it pop up yet again in another big name retailer like Best Buy. The chance of it being an exclusive is a small one, but you never know these days. It’s so close I’m starting to smell the Ice Cream Sandwich, and if you can’t maybe you should watch this video.

The wait is almost over and all these leaks will be a thing of the past once we can see and handle this bad boy smartphone coming after the event next week. The more I think about it the more the chance this is a Best Buy exclusive might be accurate, we haven’t seen anything regarding Verizon on either of the announcements from Samsung. Either way we’ll all know soon enough.

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[via Droid-Life]