Samsung Galaxy Watch Wear OS

Samsung may be making a big change that will make loyal fans and most of the Android community happy. Future wearables, specifically, smartwatches, from the South Korean tech giant may soon run Android instead of Tizen. For years, the company has been using Tizen OS for its smartwatches. Samsung was previously believed to be considering Wear OS (formerly known as Android Wear) but only to stick with Tizen. Perhaps the wearable platform was not ready then to be considered by Samsung.

The information was from one of our favorite prolific leaksters Ice universe (@UniverseIce) who said “Samsung’s new watch will use Android to replace Tizen.” Tizen being replaced by Android’s very own wearable platform, Wear OS, appears to be a natural progression but then some people may say Tizen is better than Android.

WearOS on Galaxy Watch

A Galaxy Watch running on Wear OS will only just make it easy to work on the main Android ecosystem. This will mean easier integration and connectivity between a smartwatch and any Android OS-powered device. Back in 2018, we remember learning about that Samsung Gear S4 Wear OS and thought it was time for Tizen to retire.

Samsung could also be offering two variants: a Tizen Galaxy Watch and a Wear OS Samsung Galaxy Watch. That is only a possibility. If you may remember, Samsung already used an Android-powered smartwatch during the early days of wearables. The Samsung Gear Live released in 2014 was running Android Wear.

Samsung hasn’t really gone all out when it comes to wearables. Using Tizen OS has limits but maybe when it’s Wear OS, the Galaxy smartwatches will be able to work with more Android devices and apps. Let’s wait and see.



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