Some major updates to your device are worth waiting for, even if it takes them a long time to come to you. And some, when they finally arrive, will apparently mess everything up. At least that’s what some owners of Samsung Gear S3 are experiencing now. While they were pretty excited about the rollout of the Tizen 3.0 Value Pack update, it looks like it has sorely affected the battery life of both the Gear S3 classic and the Gear S3 frontier.

Some users are complaining that after they updated their device to the Tizen 3.0 Value Pack, their battery life suddenly became significantly shorter than what they were previously experiencing. The Gear S3 has a 380mAh battery which has 188 minutes talk time on a 3G network and 59 hours if connected to Bluetooth. Some say their battery now drains easily even if they’re not doing anything, and with smartwatches, that’s a major problem.

Since Samsung hasn’t made an official statement yet, there is a solution to this bug, but it is a bit inconvenient. You will have to factory reset your Gear S3 classic or frontier after you’ve installed the upgrade. Not only will your battery life supposedly improve, but the bug that prevents you from using customized watchfaces will also be fixed.

Of course, we have to wait for the official patch from Samsung to fix all of this. But until then, you would have to either do the factory reset or always be ready to charge your Gear S3.

VIA: SAM Mobile