It looks like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III will be accompanied by Samsung’s new smartwatch. Well, as long as some recent reports and rumors turn up accurate. We’ve been hearing a lot about a smart watch companion from Sammy as of late, and now the latest claims it could be announced and unveiled on September 4th in Germany alongside the Note III.

It’s being called the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and this smartwatch is nothing but rumors at the moment, save for some trademark filings and leaked screenshots from earlier this year. The image above is a mockup (fake) fan-made image. We know the Note III will be announced on September 4th at Samsung Unpacked at IFA, and now it looks like this mystery Galaxy Gear smartwatch will also make an appearance.

According to SamMobile the device is indeed real, listed as model SM-V700, but their source still doesn’t have more details on the device specifics, sadly. They state that the Galaxy Gear will be unveiled at IFA, and we’ll know everything soon enough.


Recent leaks revealed some potential designs for a flexible and wearable display on a watch, which Samsung has been working on, so we’re pretty excited to see what they’ve cooked up. Most smartwatches are still bulky and not very attractive, which is why I won’t wear one, but Samsung’s Galaxy Gear could finally change my mind.

The Galaxy Gear would be a nice companion for the 5.68-inch Galaxy Note III as a second screen when the phone is in a pocket or bag, and surely it’ll work alongside the Galaxy S4 and others. Hopefully we learn more soon, and we’ll be live from Samsung Unpacked with all the details.

VIA: SlashGear