We’ve been hearing quite a bit regarding Samsung‘s extremely impressive and exciting flexible display technology for smartphones and tablets, but are now receiving some bad news. Multiple reports have started to surface stating that Samsung has yet again suffered a few setbacks, and their flexible YOUM displays could be delayed once more.

We’ve been waiting for it for a long time, and have seen the technology on display at CES for more than a few years, including this past January while teasing the Galaxy S 4 smartphone. Today according to a Korean newspaper ETnews the tech has been delayed again, and Samsung is in the process of finding a solution.

SamMobile is reporting that not only has it faced delays, but there’s some chance that the folks from LG might actually beat them to market with a device rocking a flexible display. The delay is being caused by the encapsulation process to protect the display from moisture and oxygen, but we don’t know too much at this point.

What it all comes down to is enabling the display to flex without breaking the protective seal around the device. Something durable yet flexible. We know Gorilla Glass is working on curved glass, but not anything that can actually flex. We have a feeling Samsung’s first flexible display device will not bend, but just have some curved screen real estate like a few concept devices we’ve seen lately. We’ll update when we hear more.

[via SamMobile]