In July, we mentioned a trademark filing by Samsung for the word GEAR in relation to clocks and have theorized on its obvious implication: a Samsung smartwatch. Now, thanks to a leaked photo, we have confirmation of that trademark filing, as well as a more definite name: Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Smartwatches have been the focus of much speculation in tech circles lately, ever since the Pebble smartwatch entered the scene. Naturally, Apple is rumored to be working on an “iWatch”. But even Microsoft is said to be working on a Surface-based wearable computer. Samsung has not been spared from this rash of online speculation, especially considering certain legal moves it has been making behind the scenes.

One such move is a concept filing submitted to the Korean design office for three possible designs of wearable computers making use of flexible displays. Early this year, Samsung revealed its YOUM branding for such flexible devices. Now, the latest piece of the puzzle falls into place as we see confirmation of Samsung’s trademark filing for the “Galaxy Gear” name.


As the name implies, this smartwatch would be part of the Galaxy line of Android-powered devices. Given an earlier leak about the Gear being unveiled at the same time as the Galaxy Note III, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to speculate that the Galaxy Gear will be a companion accessory to the upcoming phablet and perhaps other Galaxy smartphones as well.

VIA: SamMobile, Galaxy Club