We’ve been anticipating for this one and we were told earlier this week that Bixb yVoice will be available in the United States beginning on July 18. Samsung’s very own smart voice assistant is ready with a new update that brings voice capabilities to every Galaxy S8 and S8+ users. The software update has started to roll out so expect to receive an alert or notification anytime soon.

Bixby was recently made available for the Galaxy A7 (2017) in South Korea. In the US, there’s been a slight delay due to some grammar and syntax issues and lack of big data but it’s already available on the T-Mobile Galaxy S8. The updated Samsung Bixby app is only for those willing to help test the system. According to Samsung, there are more than 100,000 users who signed up for the early access preview on their S8 phones.

The goal is to test and discover the possible problems on the preview version. This way, the company may be able to work on the fix and improveme Bixby for a wider audience in the country. This rollout delivers the full Bixby experience so you can start saying your commands and requests for Bixby to finish different tasks. Bixby still learns from the user but it already knows the basic like capture a selfie, take a screenshot, or turn on the flashlight.

At the moment, Bixby is integrated with most native apps on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Other third-party apps and services will be integrated soon so you can be more productive and efficient with your new premium flagship device. Bixby is very similar to the Google Assistant that can do many stuff for you but Samsung claims it is smarter. We can believe it may be smarter but Samsung needs to prove it first.

More functions and capabilities can be done by Bixby but it still is in its early stages. We’re excited to witness that day when Bixby is all confident and ready to take on the other voice assistants in the industry today.