It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for bargain hunters, anyway. Those of you with a hankering for a new-ish smartphone and a Sams’s Club membership should add at least one more stop to your Black Friday hit list. The big-box retailer will be selling some very respectable phones for just 96¢ each: the Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T version), Motorola PHOTON 4G and Samsung DROID CHARGE.

Sam’s Club is advertising the three phones as “4G”, though of course the AT&T version of the Galaxy S II is only HSPA+. IF you should happen to want a Samsung 4G tablet in addition to a Samsung 4G phone, and yuo’re willing to switch to AT&T, and you’ve got a extra $470, you can pick up a free Galaxy S II Skyrocket with the purchase of a Galaxy Tab 8.9, both running on AT&T’s new LTE network. Your options for tablets are even wider if you stop by Best Buy, where you can pick up an Asus Transformer for $250 or a Toshiba Thrive for $280.

Naturally, the Sam’s Club deals are only valid with a new two year contract, and you’ll need to have a membership as well. (Call all the octogenarians in your family – one of them’s got the hook up for sure.) More and more Black Friday deals are likely to show up this week and next, so keep an eye out for more bargains.