The rather nice LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 wasn’t the only thing AT&T unveiled today: they’ve also got a pretty sweet deal going for anyone in the market for both a tablet and a new phone. Buy a Galaxy Tab 8.9 and activate a new AT&T LTE data plan, and you can choose from a Samsung Galaxy S II or its LTE cousin the Skyrocket to take home as well. We though this was such an interesting deal that it was worth an extra post.

That isn’t to say it’s cheap – you’ll have to spend $479 on a new Galaxy Tab 8.9, $20 more than the current MSRP of the WiFi version, even before a two-year data contract. And if you take advantage of the freebie deal, you’ll still have to pay for a new smartphone contract, or possibly renew your old one. Still, for those who want both an LTE tablet and a new smartphone, you could save a couple of hundred bucks – and with Christmas coming up, there’s all sorts of gift-giving possibilities inherent in the deal.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE doesn’t go on sale until November 20th, so you’ll have a while to make your derision. Between the Galaxy S II and the Skyrocket I’d go with the latter, even if you don’t live in an AT&T LTE area (And statistically speaking, you don’t). The faster processor and slightly larger screen make it that much more enjoyable to use. But don’t take my word for it: check the Android Community reviews for the AT&T Galaxy S II and the Skyrocket.


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