We got quite a response when we noted that owners of the Samsung Nexus S were more than a little upset that the official Ice Cream Sandwich update was months overdue. Now Engadget claims an anonymous source saying that Google intends to sestart the long overdue OTA software process in “the next few weeks”. Take it for what it’s worth (and without a confirmed cource, it isn’t worth much) but it’s at lest a ray of hope that those who paid for Nexus hardware and timely software will finally get their money’s worth.

As noted above, owners of the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G have been frustrated with Google and Samsung’s glacier-paced response to their complaints. The official Ice Cream Sandwich update began in December for GSM models, but was halted almost immediately for more bug fixing. Three months later, the vast majority of Nexus S owners (and all Nexus S 4G owners) are without an official upgrade path to the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich, a feature promised to them when they bought the phone, unlike other models that are already seeing updates.

There’s always the option of rooting the phone and installing a custom ROM, and indeed, many do just that to take advantage of the Nexus’ large developer community. But they shouldn’t have to: as a developer phone, any device with the Nexus label is supposed to get updates “as fast as humanly possible”. Between this slow response for the Nexus S and a seemingly lowered level of support for CDMA devices like Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus and XOOM, previously high levels of excitement for the Nexus program are steadily dwindling among Android enthusiasts.

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