We are starting to get reports in from all angles that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Nexus S has been halted by Google. The update was started late last week by Google themselves after initially testing it with Google employees. While the delay hasn’t been confirmed many users are experiencing issues and recently are unable to update to the new software.

Over at the official Google Support pages many have updated just fine but plenty of users have actual received the update notification, downloaded most or all of it and were then unable to update. A Google employee came in and left a comment that only adds to the confusion. He states the update could have temporarily been paused in certain areas “while we monitor feedback”.

Monitoring feedback doesn’t mean the update has actually been delayed or paused, but this is very much a possibility. We have been hearing reports about a battery bug and a few other possible issues with heavy CPU usage in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Many are speculating the latest update to 4.0.3 will solve these issues but that is the build currently rolling out to Nexus S users. At the moment we aren’t exactly sure what seems to be the case here but I’m sure we’ll know more soon.

Is your Nexus S having issues after the ICS update? We’ve heard scattered reports that the same is true for the Galaxy Nexus and we must admit our review units don’t have the best battery life, but that could be 4G LTE’s fault. We’ll be sure to monitor this story and its status as things progress.

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  1. I had exactly the same problem! 
    downloaded the update, and then nothing happened! it says the system is updated , but it is still the gingerbread that we all know 🙂

  2. I got updated my Nexus S with 4.0.3. Upgrated without issue. New Issues: Power draining like a crazy now. Have to charge phone several times a day. No face unlock future. Auto Brightness is too dark. But when manually increasing a brightness the more power drain occuring. But firmware itself is awesome! I like it too much. I hope 4.0.4 update will fix all these problems.

  3. Got my OTA update on my NS today.  Download/Install worked fine.  Only issue I have is with Google+ crashing non-stop when I’m not even using it (usually once upon phone start-up and randomly during normal phone use).

    Very disappointed with the lack of ‘face-unlock.’  Otherwise pretty much what’s been expected since October.

  4. After I upgraded to ICS my battery lasts longer than before upgrading. It used to tell me to plug in the charger after about 12 hours with moderate use. With ICS there is still about 35 percent capasity left late evening. Everything else also seems to work much smoother than before.

  5. hey I wish to upgrade my Nexus S to the much hyped ICS, please rectify the issues and let me and many Nexus users get the benefit.

  6. Hi can anyone send me the ICS Update software for my Nexus S. I currently have Android 2.3.6 onboard. Let me try and send some feedback about my experience with ICS 4

  7. T-mobile nexus s owner here. Downloaded and installed the update manually when it was first released. So far I have not notice any battery drain issue. Many of the bugs that were in ginger bread has been fixed (most importantly for me has been the keyboard lag when used in landscape mode). Everything seems to run smoother. Wifi works just fine. Bluetooth works fine as well with my headset. I’m not able to change the resolution in camera mode, so it’s stuck at 5mp. Also micro mode in camera mode isn’t available either. I don’t know if this is intentional or not. Overall I think it’s pretty stable. I’ll keep you guys updated if anything else comes up.

  8. Using Vodafone NS. Manually updated to ICS. No battery problem so far, but a little bug in the people app. Couple of times, incoming call ID didn’t show up (phone numbers only, no name) though the contact has been saved in contact list.

  9. T-mo nexus s….got the update sent to my phone just a few days ago.  Haven’t had a chance to try out everything.  So far, much faster and less kinks.  Getting used to new interfaces in all the apps, they seem less cumbersome…don’t have as many taps to get to what I want.  Most seem easier to read as well.  It is using more battery power….previously when I hit the 15% warning I could still tweet, fb, read articles, etc. for another hour, now it’s only about 15-20mins.

  10. updated to ics…its grttttt….but facing few problems….while receiving calls only number is displayed, not showing the callers name even the caller’s number is added in phonebook…..face unlock feature is missing….nfc and beam not working….at Auto brightness mode the screen darkens….sometimes when call is made, the person on the other side could not hear me…..
    these are few problems I faced, there may or may not be more also…

  11. All went well. Haven”t noticed any issues so far.My model is GSM Nexus S 9023. Only no working app is Viber. Browser s a bit laggy so changed to Skyfire. LOVING ICS. Might be that users complaining had their phone not in original Rom ?

  12. Received my OTA download yesterday.  Installation went smoothly and all apps except Flash seemed in good working order (reinstalled Flash with success), but experienced Bluetooth dropout, Gallery and Camera hang and general occasional sluggishness with the touchscreen seeming to go to sleep.  Did a Factory Reset and it cleaned the cobwebs out.  Speed and responsiveness have returned full-bore.  No face-recognition, but Bluetooth, NFC, Android Beam and Wi-Fi hotspot are all working perfectly. 

  13. its always a good practice to wait on the updates… as well known many new updates entail bugs. so why not wait it out till “THEY” iron out them pesky bugs

  14. There’s definitly a high cpu issue on Nexus S 4.0.3 (and probably Galaxy Nexus 4.0.x too). Please take a look at my Google+ post: https://plus.google.com/111292628513974735321/posts/5YnB67feuBB

  15. hello I am new to the forum.
    I have my nexus S i9023 (Italy). The update is still on 2.3.6. I am living in Honduras.
    Though I tried to “update”, the system says that you are actually updated.
    I have some other issues too.
    I can not find any documents that I have on the phone memory.
    Is there any programme for “Sync” between Nexus S and PC? When I connect my phone via USB, it shows just as a memory card.

    • Regarding the “documents on phone”, I meant to say that I can not read or view any documents on the mobile. For ex. I stored some word files on the mobil’s memory using usb cable, but I can not see them from the mobile screen.

  16. Hi
    I have a Samsung Google nexus s. I update it 1 week ago.and then my WIFI was killed. now it don’t work with my Sim card. if remove my Simcard and reset my phone. Wifi will work but not with Sim.  

  17. Hi
    I have a Samsung Google nexus s. I update it 1 week ago.and then my WIFI was killed. now it don’t work with my Sim card. if remove my Simcard and reset my phone. Wifi will work but not with Sim.  

  18. My Nexus S was having problems with sending calls after the update. I was unable to send calls, but i was able to answer them. I also could still send and receive text messages. I ended up returning the phone for a new one without the update for free with my carrier. 

  19. If you go into setting dev options and check the box for kill apps after exit the battery should last for about 2 days without charge. However there is a very nasty bug that is effecting the wifi to which I can no longer connect at all. Hopefully this will get sorted in 4.0.4. Sort it out Google!

  20. I’m all about android, but google needs to takle a page out of apple’s book and figure out how to a) get updates out on time and b) make a more cohesive experience. 

    I thought the nexus series was supposed to be the flagship? Where’s my update already?


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